HOT! Outdoor full color display ,DIP P10 ODDIP-P10RGB4S-(16X16)

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P10 DIP LED Display Module Specification:

像素点间距 Pixel Pitch 10.0mm
像素构成 Pixel Composition 1R1G1B
LED封装 LED Package 346 椭圆 Voal Lamp
模组分辨率 Resolution of Module 16*16=256 Dots
模组尺寸 Module Size 160*160mm
像素密度 Pixel Density 10000Dots/m2
亮度 Brightness ≥6000 Cd/m2
扫描方式 Scan Mode 1/4扫描(恒流) Scan(Constant Voltage)
可视角度(水平/垂直)Viewing Angle(H/V) 110°/60°
模组最大功率 Module Maximum Power 20.0W
最大功率 Maximum Power 800W/m2
平米模块数量 Square meters module number 39.06P/m2
运行环境 Operation Environment -20℃~ +50℃
P10-A型 亮度 Brighetness 7500 Cd/m2 (高配)
P10-B型 亮度 Brighetness 6500 Cd/m2 (标准)
P10-C型 亮度 Brighetness 5800 Cd/m2 (简配)
可定制低温模块 Low temperature module can be customized
LED Outdoor Dispaly DIP & SMD Comparation:
  1. 1.What is DIP & SMD:SMD & DIP is different package way of LED chip. 

DIP-- It means put the bases of DIP packaging lights through PCB, and fill the pin in lamp holders by welding.

SMD-- It means put SMT packing lapms weld on PCB.

  1. 2.Difference for you reference

Compared with DIP Display, SMD display have the advantage of light weight, wide visual angle, good color fidelity, and better color uniformity.For production, SMD is easy to use automatic machine to produce . Save the labor cost and able to large-scale production. In the future , SMD display will have more competitive price.

But DIP Display also have the advantage. The waterproof function , the brightness, mositure-proof and UV protection function. Performance of DIP display is better.


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