DG3620 Digital Radiography Solution DG3620

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DG3620 Digital Radiography Solution

 DG3620 use the most advanced flat-panel detector, which is imported from france,Thales,images collected by high-resolution imaging technology to solve the energy loss of the traditional CCD detector, and geometric distortion question, Standardized PACS system can be adapted to the new era of network needs. Stable performance, low exposure, high-quality images can be easily obtained.

Power output:  20KW
Tube currency: 16~200mA
 Voltage output:  40~125KV
anode mode:rotating anode
 focal:     0.6/1.2mm
U-arm vertical motion range:650~1700mm.
U-arm rotating range:+120°~0~ -30° Detector rotating range:+45°~0~-45°Voltage input:380V,50HZ

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